Class Descriptions

Please note the Anjali Yoga Room opens approximately 20 minutes before each class.

If you are “NEW” to The Yoga Room please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts!

* Denotes Registration Necessary.


Hot Yoga – An invigorating  HOT Flow Yoga Class that promotes vitality and health, is a wonderful workout, and aids in detoxifying your body and mind. Practiced in a heated room. Dress accordingly and bring a mat, towel and water!  Please come early to prepare your body for class.   IF YOU ARE NEW TO HOT YOGA PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY TO SHARE  INFORMATION WITH YOUR TEACHER.  All Levels 

*Intro to Yoga – If you’ve never taken a Yoga class, this class is for you!  Designed for new students!   Instruction is clear  and supportive with a gentle approach. Learn the Yoga basics. Props used to increase accessibility of postures.  Level 1

Beginning Yoga – Another great place to start! Designed for new students (and all) to build a stronger foundational practice with Yoga basics. A perfect class for focusing on aliment, classical standing and seated poses. Props used to increase accessibility and awareness of postures. No active inversions. Gentle – Level 1

Beginning/Adv Beg – A class designed to teach the basic foundational principals of poses/asanas, relaxation, philosophy, and breathing techniques.  Develops, balance, strength, and flexibility through standing, seated, and inverted poses. Strong Beginner.  (for students with minor injuries) Level 1-2

$5.00 Friday Yoga –  Same format as Beg/Adv.Beg. classes.  Please use YMC or cash.  Bringing Yoga to our community!     Level 1-2

Rise and Shine Yoga – A morning Yoga Flow to promote vitality and strength!  These poses/asanas will develop an inviting flow with the breath.  A great way to begin your day!  All Levels

*Healing Chair Yoga –   A Chair Yoga Class designed for a Compromised Immune System/Cancer. A Gentle Immune-Restorative Class that is open to all those who would benefit. This class is complimented with restful poses and Yogic breathing for relaxation.  Poses/asanas are  gentle, compassionate, and done in chair. *Registration necessary.

*Pre-Natal – A safe and wonderful class for mommies to be. This class will integrate Gentle Yoga with Restorative poses. *Registration necessary.

Yin Yang Flow – A lively class Integrated by deep stretching and flowing to promote the discovery of stillness in movement. – All Levels

Gentle Yoga – A class designed for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well-supported and relaxing practice. These gentle poses are done in gradual steps, with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition so that the practice is simple to do and easy to remember.  This Gentle Yoga Class is relaxing yet opens your body and leaves you floating on air!  Level 1

Gentle Yoga w Restoratives – A class similar to a Gentle Yoga w restoratives poses added. In this class it’s about slowing down and opening the body with passive stretching. During Restorative Yoga During there are long holds that allow your muscles relax deeply. Restorative classes are very mellow, which makes them a good complement to more active classes and a wonderful antidote to stress. All Levels

Soulful Yoga – This class is designed w nurturing movement to ease the body and relax the mind. The slow flow is great for beginners, athletic bodies, and anyone wanting a grounding practice with sound technique.  Level 1 

Ak Barre and Soul – Classes are dynamic combination of yoga, pilates and barre. Adaptable to ages, lifestyles and body types.        Level 1-2

Acro Yoga – A playful combo of yoga, therapeutics, and acrobatics, It blends the concepts that cultivate love, trust, and community.       All Levels

Hot and Strong –  A Hot Yoga Flow promotes detoxification and allows a deeper stretch for  muscles, ligaments and tendons.We incorporating strength, balance and flexibility as each pose stimulates the mind and strengthens the body. Bring a towel, mat, and water! Levels 1-2

Divine Flow: A  Yoga Flow that  moves your body to the impulse of your soul. Includes, meditation, breathing, chanting, mantras, and kriyra techniques.  Level 1-2

Sunday Flow Yoga:   A mixed level of Gentle Yoga asanas (poses) with a Vinyasa flow. Inversions maybe included.  All Levels