By Linda Anastasia Ransom and Sharon Story

Mantra Basics

A mantra is a word or phrase that you silently repeat to yourself during meditation. The purpose of the mantra is to give you something to put your attention on, and to help you to avoid being distracted by your thoughts. As you sink more deeply into your meditative state, and your mind quiets, your mantra will eventually dissolve.

You may use any simple phrase you like. For example:

Peace (inhale “peace in” exhale “peace out”)


Let go




Begin repeating your mantra silently to yourself. The repetition of your mantra should be soft, gentle, and relaxed.

Other Mantra Examples

“All is Well” Mantra:

In time with the breath, silently repeat:

Inhale: All Is Well (present)

Exhale: All Was Well (past)

Inhale: All Shall Be Well (future)

Exhale in silence

“So Hum” Mantra:

So Hum translates into English as “I am that.” “That” refers to the Universal Consciousness, the divine of your choice, the goodness within. When chanting So Hum, you are chanting, “I am Universal Consciousness,”  “I am Light within,” “I am filled with Goodness.”

If you are using So Hum as your mantra, silently repeat So on your inhalation and Hum on your exhalation. As your meditation continues, allow the breath to fall away into its own rhythm. The repetition of your mantra becomes effortless.

“Sa-Ta-Na–Ma” Mantra:

This is a beautiful meditation that uses both a mantra and mudra (specific gestures or positions of the hands and fingers). There is research that suggests this meditation improves brain function and prevents or slows down Alzheimer’s Disease.

Sa means birth

Ta means life

Na means death

Ma means rebirth

Add Mudra and say to self:

Satouch the index finger with the thumb tip

Tatouch the middle finger with the thumb tip

Na – touch the ring finger with the thumb tip

Ma – touch the little finger with the thumb tip

If you are so inclined, we suggest doing this meditation for eleven minutes, as follows.

Two minutes out loud

Two minutes in a whisper

Three minutes silently, keeping the hands and tongue moving, but making no sound

Two minutes in a whisper

Two minutes out loud

Afterwards, inhale deeply, raise the arms up in the air, and shake the arms and fingers. You may shake the whole body and spine. Exhale. Repeat one or two more time if you like. This helps move and release the energy in the body.

“Sat Chit Ananda” Mantra:

Sat means that which never changes, truth is Absolute Being.

Chit means consciousness.

Ananda means bliss, Absolute Bliss Consciousness.

Begin by:

Inhale Sat

Exhale Chit

Inhale Ananda

Exhale in silence

Repeat three times or more.

Don’t worry if you get confused with the breath. Just breathe!

Remember there is no right or wrong way to practice meditation, mudras, and mantras. Just making a conscious effort is a step to inner peace and calmness.

~ Namaste ~