The Anjali Yoga Room is excited to partner with Innervison Yoga in Phoenix, AZ, to offer both a 200-hour and yoga teacher training and a 300-hour teacher training in Therapeutic Yoga!  See below for more info! Call 907-373-9644.

ALASKA  Healing Emphasis Yoga TM (HEY) Therapy Teacher Training Program Overview

There are 3 tracks for the Alaska HEY Therapy TT program:

  • Module Only Track – No Certification
    • What Do You Get?  
      • Register for each Module or Portion of the Module Training as “Drop In” for just Classroom time on a particular topic (schedule subject to change based on the needs of the Enrolled Students at the time of training)
      • Cost= Pay per hour as you go.  See Linda for applicable Rates for any given segment.
  • Basic 200-Hour Track
    • What Do You Get?
      • 200 Hour Certificate of Completion of Yoga Training from Inner Vision Yoga, Phoenix.  
        • Accepted by Yoga Alliance.  If you register with them, they will give you 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Registration designation.  You will be a Registered Yoga Teacher with the “credential” that is universally accepted for Yoga Instructor.
        • If give your certificate to them, you can state you are a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)  with 200 Hour Certification from Inner Vision Yoga.
        • This credential is recognized by all employers as “the standard” for certified 200 Hour Yoga teachers through YA accredited programs.
    • Who does it best serve?
      • For those not currently 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trained who would like their 200 hour Certificate and do NOT want additional support outside of classroom or homework, projects, practicum assignments.
      • For those already 200 Hour Registered who just wanting additional classroom training on the topics of Yoga Therapy and information without additional support, applied homework, practicum or practice time and do not want any additional Master Level Registration with Yoga Alliance
  • Master Level 300-Hour Track
    • What Do You Get?
      • 300 Hour Certification of Yoga Therapy Training Through HEY Therapy Teacher Training Program
      • 300 Hour Certificate of Completion of Yoga Training from Inner Vision Yoga, Phoenix.
        • Accepted by Yoga Alliance.  If you register with them, combined with your existing 200 Hour Certificate (you already have) you will be Master Level 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (500-RYT).
        • This credential is the Standard recognized Master Level Yoga Teacher registration.
      • Enrollment into the Practicum, Projects, Homework and Mentorship Portion of the Training.  Which includes an additional 100 hours:
        • Additional Coursework and Home Study information
        • Special Practice Groups and Mentorship at Anjali with Linda
        • Observation Time for Special Workshops and Therapy Classes  hosted by Linda on Yoga Therapy at Anjali
        • Yoga “Internship” – Independent Yoga Projects of Group and Private Yoga Therapy Session and Mentorship
        • Applied Outreach Practice Teaching opportunities
      • Access to Additional Training and Course work information with After The Training Session is Complete
        • Special Home Study Assignments and Mentoring
          • Assignments submitted to Instructors for Review and Comment and Must be completed for Certification
          • Addition reading assignments and at home study materials to emphasize the teaching materials presented at class
        • Study Groups to Practice Techniques at Anjali with Linda
        • Internship Projects
          • Design and Develop under mentorship and Guidance 2 Yoga Therapy Projects
            • Private Yoga Therapy on Selected Topics
            • Group Yoga Therapy on Selected Topics
        • Community Outreach and Practice Teaching Opportunities on Yoga Therapy Topics for the Community
        • Observation Opportunities for Special Yoga Therapy Teaching Topics presented at Anjali Yoga studio
          • As new yoga therapy classes are added to the Anjali Schedule you will be invited to observer the teaching techniques

What does the Training Cost?

  • Drop In – consult Linda for Cost to attend a portion of a module (on an hourly basis)
  • 200 Hour Track
    • The training is delivered in 4 Modules of ~50 hours per module  
      • All modules are $780 to attend early Registration Price (ERP) and $936 for Late Registration Price.  They are PAY as YOU GO and subject to MEETING MINIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS.  All 4 modules and 200 Certification $3120.
      • The 200 Hour Track will “pay as you go” for Each Module and subject to minimum attendance numbers or the module is rescheduled.  
  • The 300-Hour Track
    • Registration for Master Track is $600.
    • The training is delivered in 4 Modules of ~50 hours per module  
      • All modules are $780 to attend early Registration Price (ERP) and $936 for Late Registration Price
      • Each Module is “Pay as you go” and subject to minimum attendance numbers or the module is rescheduled.
      • Final Cost $3720 over 2 years of training
    • NOTE: Some people have already attended some of the training (Yoga Nidra and From Fear to Clear) – hours already taken and money already paid for those workshop is applied towards your tuition requirements- so your overall net payment will be less what you have already paid for that training.


Module 1: Yoga Therapy with Donna   50-Hour Series

Introduction to Yoga Therapy, Biomechanics and You – Lower Body Healing and Its Therapies.  Module 1 is our introduction to yoga therapy, body reading and biomechanically proven postural alignment as it applies to Lower Body Projects and Healing.  Some of the topics covered are:

Session 1: January 2018 ~17 hours

Introduction to Yoga Therapy Sessions and the L-O-V-E Methodology for Building Therapeutic Relationship

Applied Biomechanics, Anatomy and Therapy Techniques  Foot, Ankle and Knees

1st Aid For Knee Pain and Low Back Pain

Introduction to Body Reading and Postural Adjustments

Session 2: February 2018

Anatomy of Fascia and its Health – Self Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Balancing Kinetic Chains for Overall health

Bone Anatomy and Yoga Therapy for Osteoporosis

Joints Anatomy, Joint Health and Arthritis Prevention and Rehabilitation

Yoga for Health Aging –Understanding the Dynamics of the Aging Population and Working Safely with Seniors and Various Conditions that affect the Aging

Chair Yoga Practice

Session 3: April 2018

Yoga for Healthy Aging (Part 2); Yoga Therapy for Arms and Shoulders (3)

Returning the Body to Biomechanical Alignment – Anatomy of the Hips, Understanding Muscle Function for Increased Joint Health and Mobility in the Hips (HS 3)

  • Hamstrings and Quadriceps
  • Hip Adductors and Abductors, Glutes and External Rotators; Pelvic Balance and Rehabilitating Dysfunction in the Hips (5)


Module 2: Yoga Therapy  50-Hour Series

Session 1 (~17 hours) – September 7-9, 2018

Core Stress Release and Trauma Release Certification with Jeff

Session 2 (~17 hours) November 30- December 1, 2018

**Topic TENTATIVE – set in April 2018**

Biomechanics of Upper Body – Spinal Alignment, Scoliosis and the Core

Therapeutics of Spine and Spinal Alignment Series  

Introduction to the Core and Core Stabilization

Our Roots: Mula Bandha, Pelvic Floor and Urinary System

Yoga Therapy for Core and Pelvic Floor: Stabilizing the Lower Back

Low Back Therapy and Healing Chronic Low Back Pain With Donna

Session 3 (~16 hours) January 25-27, 2019

The Resilient Nervous System: Relaxation Techniques and Restorative Yoga

Pranayama, Respiratory System, Mudra and Relaxation Made Easy With Donna


Module 3: Yoga Therapy  50-Hour Series

Session 1 (~17 hours) March 1-3 2019

What is Disease?  What is Healing?  Placebo Effect (1)

Energetic Anatomy and Chakras (4)

Asana Alignment for Your Courageous Self (4)

From Fear To Clear – Part 1 (8)

Session 2 (~17 hours)  April 5-6, 2019

Therapeutics of  Yin Yoga Teacher Training w/ Donna

Session 3 (~16 hours) May 17-19, 2019 week 2019

From Fear to Clear (Part 2) (7)

Yoga Therapy in the Yoga Sutra (2)

Therapeutics of Alignment in Standing Postures (6)

What’s Your Passion (Business of Yoga Therapy) (2)


Module 4: Yoga Therapy  50-Hour Series

Subject to Change; Possibly Remote Availability

Session 1 (~17 hours) June 2019

Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training

(Possibly offered Remotely via Video Training)

Session 2 (~17 hours) September 2019

Yoga Therapy for Emotional Healing with Linda

(Yoga for Depression, Addiction), Anxiety,  and Communication Skills

-Plus Remote Training Topics TBD)

Session 3 (~16 hours) October 2019

Transforming Energy Knots and Blow-Outs into Evolutionary Yoga Poses and Adjustments (2)

Sequencing For Yoga Therapy Sessions and L-O-V-E Methodology (4)

The Healing Feeling; Meditation and Savasana Practice and Adjustment- Rising from your own Ashes (4)

Dropping the Mask (7)